Fanatical about design

Hello! I'm Simon - a devoted and driven Web & UI Designer proudly working for SessionCam in Norwich, UK. Nice to meet you!

Let's Explore

I turned a beloved hobby into a defining career

I first dipped my brush into a digital paint bucket at 13, when I loaded up Paint Shop Pro, following a recommendation from a friend called CEM. This discovery manifested an unwavering angst to design, code and create, that still burns to this day.

Four companies in four years of pro web design

Since launching my pro web design career in 2013, I've had the pleasure of working with four very different companies and their web divisions, all with very different goals, environments and day-to-day tasks.

Imagination is just the beginning

Drawing up scamps, bringing them to life by coding with the key front-end languages, seeing things from a user’s perspective, and much more. I can do all of these really well.

My showcase speaks for itself

Tip-tapping away on both my laptop at home and the computer at work, I've taken on challenges big and small, all with a lick of excitement and determination.

An addiction to life that cannot be cured

Generally speaking, I love life. I devote my remaining days on Earth to exploring it, with my camera. I'm also a slave to PC gaming, and excellent cuisine. Specifically? Quality fish and chips, fudge, and basically anything Italian. Thanks for asking!

Follow me, wherever I go

If you'd like to continue following me and my incredibly action-packed day-to-day life, then select a social media platform and come along. I use Twitter for web design, Steam for gaming, and Flickr / Instagram for photography.

The time for talk is now

In professional web design you can't say no to a free connection, so I'd love to talk - email me, or follow me on social media using the links above.

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